Thanksgiving Holiday – Busiest Flight Time of the Year

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with that, people are buying up airfare as quick as airlines put it out there. During the twelve day span that is considered the Thanksgiving holiday over 7.3 million passengers are planning to fly. That number is an increase of 700,000 passengers compared to last year’s fly rating. Which is loads more than the past five years when the economy was in a recession and more people were having money troubles. One luxury that is cut out when the economy is tight, is traveling and airfares.
The busiest days of the Thanksgiving season is going to be the Sunday and Monday after Thanksgiving, with the Wednesday before Thanksgiving being the third busiest. If you are planning to travel during this period, the least busiest time is going to be on Thanksgiving day, that is if you want to travel on the holiday.

People are not sure what the increase in traveling is, some believe it has to do with the expanding economy and cheaper fares. According to Dallas News, “average fares have fallen 5.6 percent so far in 2016, according to Airlines for America.” Another reason is that airlines are luring travelers in with their competitive airline prices.

In Dallas, Texas a large portion of the passengers will be traveling through DFW International Airport. DFW International Airport is set to be the fourth busiest airport during the holiday. This is just a few passengers behind airports located in Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.