Highland Capital Management’s Investment In Pendrell Corporation Makes Sense

Information technology investments have a huge impact on the service sector rather than the manufacturing sector of the economy. The service sector allows greater information technology enabled personalization as well as customization, according to James Dondero, the CEO of Dallas-based Highland Capital Management. Dondero knows that Information technology companies have a high potential for revenue growth, rather than a focus on cost savings. In the hedge fund world, revenue growth is the name of the game. Dondero used his information technology research recently to purchase an 11 percent stake in the IT company, Pendrell Corporation. Pendrell Corporation isn’t a recognizable name to some investors, but any company that has purchased an intellectual property license from Pendrell is well aware of what the company does, and the potential it has in the information technology industry.

James Dondero, the personable hedge manager and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, is used to finding gold instead of dirt under investment rocks. Dondero likes to invest in healthcare, consumer-driven companies, energy, and information technology companies, but he’s not afraid to invest in foreign governments and companies in emerging markets. Highland Capital Management has offices in Seoul, Singapore, New York and Sao Paulo, so he gets information from around the world, daily. What Dondero likes about Pendrell is the company’s ability to use the rights to more than 1,200 patents in the information technology sector, and then license them to other companies that manufacture and sell consumer-driven electronic products. The value of Pendrell stock was lower than expected, so Dondero got in before the price jumped. Highland Capital bought 13.5 million shares, and Dondero purchased 23.9 million shares.

Pendrell Corporation should produce the returns that Highland Capital Management partners are used to receiving in 2016, but there is no guarantee that will happen in the shaky economic atmosphere. Corporate profits are down in several industries, and consumer spending seems to be tapering off. But Dondero thinks the investment in Pendrell is a good one in spite of the current market trend. Dondero invests using research, current information, and his ability to see a winner before it becomes one.

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A Simpler Place To Bank

Our business arrived in Dallas after several years on the eat coast, and we chose to move to Dallas because of the excellent opportunities we found. I was reluctant about banking with a local company, but I found Nexbank to be a pleasurable experience for my firm. This article is a review of why we chose Nexbank over much larger banks in the area.

NexBank’s Mary Pirrello Appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

#1: I Was Impressed With Their Pedigree

The pedigree of Nexbank is quite impressive due to their investment banking background. Highland Capital Management helped start Nexbank as the banking partner they required, and there are quite a few people who are banking with their company now. We have chosen to invest with Nexbank aside from our other interests, and I am happy to know HCM stands behind our bank.

#2: Everyone May Open Their Own Account

I enjoy banking with Nexbank because they offer personal service when I come into the branch. We have made our deposits with kind bankers for years, and I enjoy speaking with the management when I have questions. I feel as though Nexbank welcomed us to Dallas properly, and I would not imagine banking with anyone else.

#3: Nexbank Is Growing Quite A Lot

I have noticed Nexbank growing since we started banking in Dallas, and I am quite happy with the way they have served us. Nexbank is growing in the same manner our company is, and I believe we may grow together for decades to come. I continually check on Nexbank’s figures due to their incredible growth, and I feel more secure when I see their quarterly numbers increase.

The Nexbank customer service we receive has helped us quite a lot, and we are using their services as much as possible. I believe we will have a bright future with Nexbank in our corner.

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Banking for the Next Generation

In a recent press release, NexBank proudly announced that Mary Pirrello has been elected the new President as of May 2016. With over 20 years experience, Pirrello will focus her attention on business development and maintain relationships with the national warehouse lending division.

Since 2007, Ms. Pirrello has been an active board member of the TMBA. She also continues to be involved with the MBA (National Mortgage Banker’s Association). Coined as a future leader, Ms. Pirello received the Wooten Scholarship award from TMBA in 2010.

NexBank is a financial service company that offers clients distinct banking services including mortgage banking, investment banking and commercial banking. NexBank is a leader in customer service worldwide, providing client custom-tailored solutions for their individual needs.

Personalized Approach

NexBank takes a client-focused approach with their clients. With over 100 years experience, they are a trusted partner to both individuals and corporations. NexBank bankers combine their wealth of knowledge and financial expertise to create the ultimate banking experience.

NexBank offers clients wealth management services specifically tailored to your banking needs. Providing customers the most suitable products to increase, protect and successfully manage your funds is what Nexbank does best. By using traditional and non-traditional investment strategies to better equip you with comprehensive financial services.

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Mary Pirrello Appointed As The New President of Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

NexBank, a regional bank headquartered in Dallas, Texas, recently announced that Mary Pirrello, Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending at NexBank, was appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association (TMBA). She will serve as President for the 2016 to 2017 term. Pirrello previously served as the Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending for the banking institution. With over 20 years of financial experience, she has served in a variety of management roles throughout her career. During her tenure with NexBank, Ms. Pirrello focused on business development and managing relationships for the bank’s lending division.

NexBank’s Mary Pirrello Appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

NexBank prides itself on serving its clients through three core businesses: Commercial Banking, Investment Banking and Mortgage Banking. They provide customized banking and financial services to: corporations, institutional clients, and individuals in Texas and nationwide. Nexbank has a firm commitment to their clients, and strive to deliver uncommon value and custom solutions to each, individual client. Instead of giving generic advice, the professionals at NexBank take the time to look at each, individual situation to come up with the best solution. This personalized approach makes NexBank one of the leading financial institutions in Texas, and is one of the many reasons why they have seen unprecedented success and growth in recent years.

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The Dallas Museum of Art Gets New International Director

It took nine months of intensive research, but the Dallas Museum of Art has finally selected its new director. Agustín Arteaga is currently the director of art in his hometown of Mexico City, Mexico. He will officially take over his new position on September 1, 2016. When museum could not locate a qualified candidate within the country’s borders, they turned to an international search to save the day.

This is the first job for Arteaga in the USA. He decided to make the move due to the fact that he feels it’s both an honor and a challenge. He will be replacing the previous director Maxwell Anderson. Anderson was not good with internal and external relationships, something that the museum feels that Arteaga will excel at. Anderson’s tenure came to an abrupt end in September of 2015 after over three and a half years with the museum. It was a mutual agreement to end his contract sooner rather than later.

The museum has free admission, something that Anderson felt strongly about. It allows them to reach the diverse crowd that lives and visits the area. It also allows them to incorporate history into those who could not normally afford to take their family to such a place. Because Arteaga has a doctoral degree in art history, the museum is expecting big things. He has more to offer than Anderson, and due to his international culture, he has a different vision. The museum can grow bigger and better under his direction.

At the current time, Arteaga is a bit overwhelmed with the new chapter in his life. However, he did say that when it comes to one major goal he wishes to accomplish, he hopes to boost the number of visitors and to bring the museum to a more diversified crowd. He believes this is the viable path to the businesses success. Before serving as a director in Mexico City, he was the director for Museo de Arte de Ponce. No matter where he has worked, he has always had impressive statistics. It will be exciting to see where the journey takes the museum with him at the helm.