Meet James Dondero; the Highland Capital Management CO founder and President

UPDATE October 23, 2016

James Dondero, president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, showed his generoistiy this week when he annouced that his firm would be matching donations, up to 50 percent, to The Family Place’s legacy campaign, up to one million dollars.

The Family Place is a non-profit organization that assists victims of family violence. James Dondero announced his companies plans to assist in this great organization’s fundraising campaign during The Family Place’s 21st annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon. The Family Place is currently 2.8 million dollars away from its fundraising goals.

James Dondero has all but ensured the campaigns success. Dondero made note that he felt this was a call to action and that Dallas has had to deal with family violence for far too long.

James Dondero the co founder and president of Highland Capital Management has enjoyed a very illustrious career. Dondero has massive experience in the credit and equity markets, focused on high yielding and distressed investing. Since its inception in 1993, Highland Capital Management is the leading brand in all matters relates to development of the Collateralize Loan obligation market and in developing credit oriented solutions for institutional and retail investors globally.

Serving in the capacity of president of Highland Capital Management, Dondero is tasked with supervising Highland Capital Management’s investment strategies and operations for both institutional and retail products designed by the company.
Mr. Dondero’s career is unmatched boasting of over 30years experience in the credit markets give the company an upper hand in all activities. This is evidenced by the numerous accolades that have been awarded to Highland Capital Management and Dondero himself. These awards include the Morningstar’s 5 star designation for global allocation in 2014, the Lipper award for floating rate opportunities in 2014 to name but a few.
James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in accounting and Finance. Dondero is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and has risen the ranks to enjoy the privileges of using the chartered financial analyst designation.
Mr. Dondero also served as a chief investment officer for Protective Life GIC subsidiary, under his tenure the company flourished to make a record $2billion from its start up. This profit was recorded in a span of five years and only proves that James Dondero is not only good at his job but also brings in a guarantee of success.
Dondero continues to hire top of the line experts at Highland Capital Management, with the most recent hiring being that of Terry Jones. Jones takes the position of institutional products and reports to James Dondero directly. Jones brings in experience and is set to lead Highland’s discussions with key stakeholders in a bid to develop solution-oriented business program.
With the changing market and expected global economic recession James Dondero has placed Highland Capital Management in a prime position in the sense that the products offered by the company outsmart all their opponents in the market. Some of these plans include the intention of James Dondero to buy into Argentine Bonds, with the company said to have set aside $12 billion in a bid to fund this project. The company has made a fortune investing in bonds that have seen the company raise its capital base as well assets.
James Dondero sets sights into the future and places his commitment and dedication to making Highland Capital a force to reckon with in the market.
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