Finance Executive and Entrepreneur James Dondero

James Dondero is a leading entrepreneur and executive in the financial industry. He has spent over three decades at various positions as both an employee and as an entrepreneur. At the beginning of his career, he worked as an analyst of credit securities and also as an investment officer. After working as an employee, James would start up a life insurance company and serve as its co founder and top executive. By the early 1990’s James would build his firm into a financial services company and serve as its president. As well as holding a number of positions in the field, James also uses a unique approach to allowing him to maximize his success. Dondero always looks for profitable investment opportunities as well as researching the financial markets. Along with being devoted to the finance industry, James is also among the most prominent philanthropists as well.

When James Dondero began his career, he worked in the field as an employee of an investment firm. During his stint as an employee, he would serve as a credit analyst where he would go over credit securities and make recommendations on which ones to invest in. This allowed him to develop a foundation for future advancement and success in the field. After a number of years working as an analyst, James would then move up to being the chief investment officer of a firm. This entailed overseeing and managing approximately $2 billion worth of assets for big major corporations such as American Express. Dondero would then get involved in entrepreneurship in the year 1990 when he co founded a company that provided life insurance policies to consumers. James would build this firm into a more diverse financial services company during the next decade.

While James has proven to be among the top financial professionals in the United States, he spends a lot of his time donating to charitable causes. On a regular basis, James looks to provide funding in order to help make his community a better place to live. He donates his money to things such as education, healthcare, community development and veteran’s affairs. His contributions have proven to help make a very positive impact on a number of individuals and organizations throughout the Dallas metro area and the rest of the United States.