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Nexbank Hits a Hole In One

The AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament has announced it will once again be co-sponsored by Nexbank. The bank is highly regarded in the Dallas area for their many sponsoring ventures of local community endeavors. Nexbank is a company that deals in financial services on a three-tiered level. Those being consumer banking, investment banking and mortgage banking. They have been a chartered bank since 1922 and have strong ties in the Greater Dallas-area, although their business does reach clients all across the United States. Nexbank Capitol is coming off of a record year as they reported higher than expected earnings for the entire year of 2015. They reported a year-end asset total of $2.72 billion, which is up nearly 50 percent from the previous year. They also initiated a long-term acquisition strategy in acquiring College Savings Bank in November 2015. The earnings and performance makes it four years in a row that Nexbank has experienced increased earnings and higher return on investments. Nexbank CEO John Holt credits the company’s innovative and efficient platform to their astonishing business performance in the banking industry. He also states that NexBank SSB, a regional banking division, should be credited with helping to maintain their robust capital base. Keep up with Nexbank here:

James Dondero and Highland Capital Team Up with The Dallas Foundation

James Dondero, a co-founder, and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., based in Dallas, has joined hands with Linda Owen, civic leader and former chairperson of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, to give strategic direction to various Highlands benevolent activities as its charitable giving program expands continually. Owen will be serving as the firm’s manager, […]

Dallas-Fort Worth Grows Huge In Population

Dallas is a big city. The town is about to become even bigger. No, the city is not going to grow by moving its city limits. Rather, the region is growing thanks to the huge influx of people moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Dallas-Fort Worth is not the number one location for new growth […]

Dallas Schools Skip Security Drill

Most of the people in this country remember the students across the country were surprised by those standard fire drills. The fire drills were to teach the students the way to respond in the middle of a school fire. Today, things have changed dramatically. Today students are expected to take part in a lock down, […]