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Highland Capital Management’s Investment In Pendrell Corporation Makes Sense

Information technology investments have a huge impact on the service sector rather than the manufacturing sector of the economy. The service sector allows greater information technology enabled personalization as well as customization, according to James Dondero, the CEO of Dallas-based Highland Capital Management. Dondero knows that Information technology companies have a high potential for revenue […]

A Simpler Place To Bank

Our business arrived in Dallas after several years on the eat coast, and we chose to move to Dallas because of the excellent opportunities we found. I was reluctant about banking with a local company, but I found Nexbank to be a pleasurable experience for my firm. This article is a review of why we chose Nexbank over much larger banks in the area. NexBank’s Mary Pirrello Appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association #1: I Was Impressed With Their Pedigree The pedigree of Nexbank is quite impressive due to their investment banking background. Highland Capital Management helped start Nexbank as the banking partner they required, and there are quite a few people who are banking with their company now. We have chosen to invest with Nexbank aside from our other interests, and I am happy to know HCM stands behind our bank. #2: Everyone May Open Their Own Account I enjoy banking with Nexbank because they offer personal service when I come into the branch. We have made our deposits with kind bankers for years, and I enjoy speaking with the management when I have questions. I feel as though Nexbank welcomed us to Dallas properly, and I would not imagine banking with anyone else. #3: Nexbank Is Growing Quite A Lot I have noticed Nexbank growing since we started banking in Dallas, and I am quite happy with the way they have served us. Nexbank is growing in the same manner our company is, and I believe we may grow together for decades to come. I continually check on Nexbank’s figures due to their incredible growth, and I feel more secure when I see their quarterly numbers increase. The Nexbank customer service we receive has helped us quite a lot, and we are using their services as much as possible. I believe we will have a bright future with Nexbank in our corner. Read More:

Banking for the Next Generation

In a recent press release, NexBank proudly announced that Mary Pirrello has been elected the new President as of May 2016. With over 20 years experience, Pirrello will focus her attention on business development and maintain relationships with the national warehouse lending division. Since 2007, Ms. Pirrello has been an active board member of the TMBA. She also continues to be involved with the MBA (National Mortgage Banker’s Association). Coined as a future leader, Ms. Pirello received the Wooten Scholarship award from TMBA in 2010. NexBank is a financial service company that offers clients distinct banking services including mortgage banking, investment banking and commercial banking. NexBank is a leader in customer service worldwide, providing client custom-tailored solutions for their individual needs. Personalized Approach NexBank takes a client-focused approach with their clients. With over 100 years experience, they are a trusted partner to both individuals and corporations. NexBank bankers combine their wealth of knowledge and financial expertise to create the ultimate banking experience. NexBank offers clients wealth management services specifically tailored to your banking needs. Providing customers the most suitable products to increase, protect and successfully manage your funds is what Nexbank does best. By using traditional and non-traditional investment strategies to better equip you with comprehensive financial services. Original Sources:

Mary Pirrello Appointed As The New President of Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

NexBank, a regional bank headquartered in Dallas, Texas, recently announced that Mary Pirrello, Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending at NexBank, was appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association (TMBA). She will serve as President for the 2016 to 2017 term. Pirrello previously served as the Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending […]

The Dallas Museum of Art Gets New International Director

It took nine months of intensive research, but the Dallas Museum of Art has finally selected its new director. Agustín Arteaga is currently the director of art in his hometown of Mexico City, Mexico. He will officially take over his new position on September 1, 2016. When museum could not locate a qualified candidate within […]

How the Byron Nelson Tournament increases a Banks Profile

The Byron Nelson golf tournament is one of the biggest on the PGA calendar that is not a major, and it is once again sponsored by NexBank. NexBank is a large institution that belongs to a family of companies that is managed by James Dondero and his team. There are a lot of people who are using NexBank to fund their businesses, and it also a place that runs like a regular bank. The people who are coming to NexBank for service will be able to get any kind of financial tool that they need. People who are trying to finance their businesses can get a loan from NexBank, and they will still see the advertising for the Byron Nelson when they work with the bank. The bank was set up by James Dondero and his team at Highland Capital Management, and it was designed to help people get the financing that they need to make a difference for their companies. Their companies are going to be able to grow with the money that they get from NexBank, and their employees will be able to open accounts there if they want to. All these people will be able to see a difference in their finances, and it makes it much easier for people to get all their investments in order. There are a lot of people who are in need of help when they come to NexBank, and the bank was set up to help people who are going to need loans for their businesses or normal accounts. There are some people who will be able to come to the bank at any time to get simple services, and then they will be able to get business loans at the same time. In essence, they are keeping finances in Dallas going. Source:

Nexbank Hits a Hole In One

The AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament has announced it will once again be co-sponsored by Nexbank. The bank is highly regarded in the Dallas area for their many sponsoring ventures of local community endeavors. Nexbank is a company that deals in financial services on a three-tiered level. Those being consumer banking, investment banking and mortgage banking. They have been a chartered bank since 1922 and have strong ties in the Greater Dallas-area, although their business does reach clients all across the United States. Nexbank Capitol is coming off of a record year as they reported higher than expected earnings for the entire year of 2015. They reported a year-end asset total of $2.72 billion, which is up nearly 50 percent from the previous year. They also initiated a long-term acquisition strategy in acquiring College Savings Bank in November 2015. The earnings and performance makes it four years in a row that Nexbank has experienced increased earnings and higher return on investments. Nexbank CEO John Holt credits the company’s innovative and efficient platform to their astonishing business performance in the banking industry. He also states that NexBank SSB, a regional banking division, should be credited with helping to maintain their robust capital base. Keep up with Nexbank here:

James Dondero and Highland Capital Team Up with The Dallas Foundation

James Dondero, a co-founder, and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., based in Dallas, has joined hands with Linda Owen, civic leader and former chairperson of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, to give strategic direction to various Highlands benevolent activities as its charitable giving program expands continually. Owen will be serving as the firm’s manager, […]

Fatal Bus Crash Has TxDOT Under Fire

A fatal crash that involved a Dallas Area Rapid Transit bus driver has led to more questions about whether the Texas Department of Transportation is maximizing its efforts to protect drivers from bridge posts made with concrete that sit close to the edge of freeways. New camera footage shows new angles of the accident that […]